Please Read

COVID poster.jpg


We are sure you would have had enough of everyone telling you about how to prevent Covid19. However it is our Civic and Social duty to remind you of a few Nitty Gritties.

  • FOLLOW Governmental and Ministry of Health guidelines.

  • DO NOT hug, shake hands or kiss any of our staff, believe us we are more excited to have you stay with us that you can imagine.

  • BRING your own sanitisers, face masks and any other PPE you may need during your stay.

  • IF you need more hand washing liquid please notify us and we will provide you with some more.

  • AVIOD mixing with other Guests and maintain social distance.

  • DO NOT invite outside visitors during your stay.

  • MOST importantly relax and enjoy your stay. We are happy you came.


Most of our guests escape the hustle and bustle of their hectic lifestyle to come and relax at our Retreat.

Loud music and noise restriction apply after 2100 hrs until 0700 hrs the following morning.


If you would like to play loud music please check with the management first.


Our pool is available for use during daylight hours only. If you wish to use the pool at night please advise the management before using.


Children must be accompanied by adults at all times, please be aware we do not have lifeguards. Consuming any drinks or eating whilst in the pool is not allowed.


Yes! we are in the bush, it is not uncommon to see monkeys, wild fowls, geckos, birds, creepy crawlies and insects around the property.


All beds are fitted with mossie nets and insect repellents are available.


Think twice before you come if you have any phobias.




We are based on a small farm with a lot of trees and a beautiful river that runs along 1/2 of the property. Our trees are our pride and joy. 

Please bring your own firewood for the fire pit or we are happy to supply you some at R30 for a bunch.

Smoke only in designated areas. Please do not litter the property with any plastics.