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My Dream fulfilled

Iris Retreat is a dream come true, it is my life's passion.  It is dedicated to my late mother, Iris Patricia Purnell.  Her dream in life was for me, her daughter, to be happy and content in my chosen place.  Skeerpoort, North of Johannesburg is the realisation of those dreams, and Iris Retreat was born from this.

- Christine Henry - 


Steel girder bridge built about ninety years ago ("Kormorant Weekender" - 1 September 2016) - superseded in 1981 by a reinforced concrete bridge – No.4048.It is a single lane bridge of two 30m spans made up out of Pratt Trusses resting on abutments and single pier cast in concrete. The bridge is still in regular used by our guests..

It is worth mentioning that the present day bridge has its number plates not fixed to specifications which state that: ‘Bridge numbers shall be positioned on the left side of the carriageway when facing in the direction of travel as shown in the details‘. 

The bridge was originally painted blue, hence the name 'Blue Bridge'.

By (Konrad Voges, October 2019)


My plan is to make my retreat into a place of serenity and peace, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a place to just 'be'.  Be it to enjoy some much needed time out or the pleasure to lay in a hammock and read a long awaited book.  It may even be the pleasure of laying on the riverbank on a blanket and enjoy a picnic basket filled with goodies, and if you feel so inclined, a bottle of vino vino.

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